This moment in time.

September 23, 2017 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Sometimes I post things because I want to punctuate a moment in time and not necessarily because my primary motivation is to share them with others. I definitely want to note this moment because it feels a bit surreal right now. I guess sharing it with others also helps me process.

25-Aug-17 I am sick so stay home all weekend and sub out all my classes. I may just be tired not sick.
26-Aug-17 Greg is away, teaching out of town this weekend
27-Aug-17 I am sick so stay home all weekend and sub out all my classes. I may just be tired not sick.
28-Aug-17 Back to teaching, normal life
29-Aug-17 Last day before my trip to La Palma, Islas Canarias, España to teach at Organika
30-Aug-17 Fly to La Palma
31-Aug-17 Arrive on La Palma, sleep for like 12 hours
1-Sep-17 Sightseeing around La Palma, Taught tonight at Organika
2-Sep-17 Taught today in out in nature as part of Organika workshop
3-Sep-17 Taught today, last day of the workshop on La Palma
4-Sep-17 Fly back to Fort Lauderdale, I hear about Hurricane Irma during a layover in Madrid, land on Miami
5-Sep-17 Exhausted. I rested today. Greg has apartment more or less ready for Hurricane
6-Sep-17 We finish preparing the apartment for Hurricane, still planning on riding it at my dad´s in Doral
7-Sep-17 We get evacuation notice, decide to drive to Charlotte, NC and stay with Dorothy. It takes us 15 hours.
8-Sep-17 We arrive at Dorothy’s at 5AM because of evacuation traffic, rested today, hung out tonight
9-Sep-17 Spending the day with Dorothy, Angie, and friends. Hung out tongiht
10-Sep-17 Went to outdoors place where Olympians train.
11-Sep-17 Drove to Asheville, NC to stay with Mindy. We find out no property damages to studio or apartment.
12-Sep-17 Spent the day with Mindy and Elan.   We go to NC county fair.
13-Sep-17 Drove back to Fort Lauderdale. It takes us 12 hours to drive back
14-Sep-17 Unpack. Pack again. Get ready for trip to Vancouver.
15-Sep-17 Fly to Vancouver, arrive in Vancouver.   Get to know airbnb housemates.
16-Sep-17 Wreck Beach.
17-Sep-17 Early AM practice. Kerry, Jared. Sore throat begins tonight. Flu like sensations tonight
18-Sep-17 Early AM practice. Rest for the rest of the day. Feeling flu like. Many people sick in Vancouver
19-Sep-17 Moon day. Rest Up.
20-Sep-17 Early AM practice. Taught at 7AM. Taught again at 5PM
21-Sep-17 Early AM practice. Taught at 5PM
22-Sep-17 Early AM chanting. Tuahgt led class.   Practice. Moved to a different airbnb. Errands. Taught led class again. Groceries
23-Sep-17 No wonder I don’t want to do anything today.

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